Managing your Anxiety.

Using psychology to provide tools  to handle anxiety in everyday life.

A little rain will shine a brighter day.

1 in 50 Canadians suffer from an anxiety disorder and almost all of us struggle with anxiety some days. Little Rain provides the tools needed to become aware of it and to overcome anxiety.

Listen to guided sessions with language accessibility to learn and practice tools to overcome anxiety.

Measure your anxiety based on the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory and record your progress.

Using gamification to reinforce positive behaviour habits and promote consistent use of the app.

Research showed that gamification was a good habit forming tool.

Made with you in mind.

Little Rain is looking to focus on you, different from other mental health apps by encouraging repetition and practice to use the tools available to you to help overcome anxiety.

Professor Steve Joordens is a 3M National Teaching Fellow who has taught a wide range of online and in-person courses at the University of Toronto’s Department of Psychology. His passion is to help students develop skills like critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration to better negotiate whatever challenges their futures hold.

In March of 2020 he created a free online course on entitled Mind Control: Understanding and Managing the Anxiety of COVID-19. Little Rain is an extension of that course, designed to apply those same lessons to everyday life beyond the pandemic. With hard won insights from educational and cognitive psychology, Professor Joordens wants to help you practice the skill of summoning relaxation to banish anxiety.

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